Parts Acquisition

At Primus we are able to assist you with all aspects of parts acquisition. Whether you need a spare part for your AOG repair or wish to set up your newly purchased aircraft – we will find a solution.

Due to our extensive experience in aircraft maintenance and continuous airworthiness management, we are able to provide exactly the part you need, taking into consideration your operational needs and your authorities requirements.

We follow high, international quality standards. All parts acquired through us come with the required documentation. This way, we are able to ensure that there will be no delay come installation. Delays caused by missing paperwork or partial history information are common in this industry.

We are also able to acquire parts that are not available on the open market, due to our long-standing relationships with multiple maintenance facilities.

Because we are not limited to any specific aircraft or system, we can acquire almost any part, from the smallest bulb to the biggest engines.